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wireless amplifiers 無線/有線麥克風 wireless mic 音響支架 stands 喇叭 speaker 調音台 mixer  投影機 projector 投射屏幕 screen
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Wireless & Wired Microphone

VA Plus® M802 Wireless Mic System

pgx sm58

Shure® PGX
wireless systems

•Up to 12 wireless mics used in parallel
•92 m operating range
•Up to 90 selectable UHF frequencies

Shure® SM58
vocal microphone

•Tailored for vocals
•Uniform cardioid pickup
•Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise



Shure® SM27
condenser microphone

•Ultra-thin,24K gold-layered
•Flat, neutral freq.response •Class-A ransformerless preamp.

beta 57a

Shure® Beta 57A
dynamic instrument microphone

•Pro. quality reproduction
•Hardened steel mesh grille

VA Plus® M804 Wireless Mic System

slx beta 58

Shure® SLX
wireless systems

•Auto Transmitter Setup
•Backlit LCD with timeout feature
•Frequency power lockout


Shure® SM57
dynamic instrument microphone

•Pro quality reproduction
•Uniform ardioid pickup pattern

Beta 58a

Shure® Beta 58A
vocal microphone

•Tailored for vocals
•Uniform supercardioid
•Neodymium magnet

sm58 Beta58a SM27