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Portable Screen


Portable projection screen in an appealing design
for all projection types.
To be installed on the floor or on a table.
Projection screen with black border in 1:1 or 4:3
format with light-proof rear side is available in
various sizes.


Product details:
• V-shaped tube in elegant design with
integrated carrying handle.
• Easy and fast installing and removing.
• Particularly suited for mobile use since the
fabric is perfectly protected when retracted
in the casing.
• Very plain position due to tensioning
mechanism (sturdy roll-up mechanism).
• Continuously adjustable and easy-to-operate
telescopic tripod. It can be locked at the
bottom side for an easy transportation.
• Continuous black border for improved picture
• Light-proof rear coating for use even in front
of a window.
• High-quality AlphaLux fabric with a large
viewing angle.

- 60"
- 80"
- 100"

Moreover,we also provide:
• Tripod screens
• Fast fold portbale screens
• Fixed frame screens
• Rear projection screens