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Pocco Fitness Checker

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• Measure the thickness and percentage of subcutaneous fat at different parts of the body.
• Check your BMI level and skin surface temperature.
• Use numerical values to compare the before and after effects of your exercise or diet.
•Find out which body area that needs focus in taking appropriate exercise or training.

Easy measuring in a touch of skin!

Place the unit on your body.

The unit will ”BEEP” once to start and then twice to finish the measurement.

Step3: Thickness of subcutaneous fat, percentage of subcutaneous fat and skin surface temperature are displayed automatically.


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Fat thickness sensor : Near-infrared irradiation   Temperature sensor : Thermistor
Power :

DC3V AAA Battery x 2

  Measurement : Thickness of subcutaneous fat,
Percentage of subcutaneous fat,
Skin surface temperature,
BMI, Obesity index
Power Consumption : 0.25W Max   Battery lifetime : Approx. 10,000 times measurement

User Manual Download:

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